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Posted by Mrs Tyson | Posted in General News | Posted on 29-09-2017

Paddington Bear is visiting from Peru. He wants to find out about life in the United Kingdom. He hopes to visit you this weekend and find out all about British families and British values, so take him with you wherever you go and let us know what he gets up to.

These are some of the values he is looking for:

  • We are polite and use good manners

  • We are helpful

  • We are respectful to each other

  • We share festivals to celebrate our community

  • We listen to each other

  • We treat each other equally

  • We are fair when we play and share

  • We care about our family and help at home

  • We do things as part of our community

  • We make friends and build friendships

  • We care for our environment and wildlife

  • We say please and thank you

  • We know right from wrong

  • We take turns and include others

Please write about what your adventures this weekend, include photos or drawings if you can, then return him with this book to class on MONDAY.

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Paddington had a very exciting time with Mrs Herbert at the beginning of term, when he climbed all the way to the top of Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in the UK. Paddington thought it was a really long way even though he spent most of it having a ride in Mrs Herbert’s backpack. It was great for him to see some of the fantastic places we have in the UK and he is really looking forward to visiting everyone in acorn class!!
“Be seeing you soon!!” said Paddington.

Thanks for taking a visit to Tom’s house Paddington. We enjoyed showing you around and taking you to your first rave! (Big Fish, Little Fish Family Rave ;D)


We had a visit from Green Acorn’s Paddington this weekend but have no printer so I’ve put them in a blog post:

I hope this works!
Emma (Clare’s Mummy)

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